Resident Sangha

Venerable Steve Carlier

Venerable Samten

Venerable Tsomo

Venerable Amy Miller


Searching for Executive Director

Kai Johnson

Center Manager

Rommy Johnson

Spiritual Program Coordinator

Trish Crout

Facility Rentals Manager

Breige Walbridge

Road Scholars Manager

Sean Brunelle

Operations Manager

Stephanie Rentz

Kitchen Manager

Jennifer Pearce

Bookstore Manager

Maria Bagula

Housekeeping Lead

Theresa Elwell

Bookstore Assistant and Bodywork Manager

Sonja Dmello


Shanti Trant

Kitchen Assistant

Phil Chang

Service Study

Board of Directors

Breige Walbridge


Rama Kalsa


Venerable Steve Carlier

Venerable Amy Miller

Pam Cayton

Angela Wang

Project Teams

Denice Taylor Macy

Director of 100,000 Stupa Project

Angela Wang

Director of Ksitigarbha Project