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We have all been touched by this magical, beautiful, and blessed place. As an organization that relies on holding in-person retreats to generate essential operating revenue, our inability to do so during a pandemic means we are facing an ongoing shortfall of $30,000 each month, through the end of the year. Please stand with us so we can continue to be a place of refuge—bringing peace, solitude, and healing to the world

  • $20,000 to support this magnificent 108 acres of peaceful preserve 
  • $5,000 to support our Spiritual Program
  • $6,500 per month to support our Residential teachers

Our center depends on the generous support of people like you. Make secure donations through PayPal. Credit cards are accepted without creating a PayPal account. Click on the Donate button below, or click here.

Donate to the 100,000 Stupa Project

General Fund:

The Stupa will be the central axis in a garden which will offer sites to sit and meditate, thousands of memorial stupas, a garden of flowers grown as offerings to the Buddha, places to perform prostrations, ponds with places for peaceful travelers to rest and reflect. See details.

Donate to the 100,000 Stupa Project

Seeds of Enlightenment Fund:

In the fall of 2017, when Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche visited Land of Medicine Buddha, Rinpoche advised that we install a Japanese-style garden to surround the Stupa. We worked with a designer of Japanese gardens to develop a comprehensive design. The garden will be lush with fountains and plants to attract birds and bees. The vision includes benches for quiet reflection and paths for circumambulation. See details.

Donate to the Stupa Garden Project

Donate to the 100,000 Stupa Project

Kadampa Stupa Sponsorship:

This past summer, the first of three Mandala walls that surround our central stupa was completed. Following the advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche in August 2019, Kadampa Stupas will be placed on the top of this wall. Sponsoring a stupa on behalf of, or dedicated to, our loved ones is a way to repay their kindness, memorializing their lives, and dedicate to their liberation and enlightenment. It also provides an opportunity to commit your intention to achieve an enlightened mind. See details.

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Ksitigarbha Pureland Improvement Fund:

Support improvements around the Ksitigarbha area at Land of Medicine Buddha. Click the button just below to make a donation specifically to this project. (Or click here.)

Become a Friend of LMB:

Become a Friend of LMB

Donate for the Medicine Buddha Puja:

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Planned Giving

Our Federal Tax ID Number is 77-0281122. You can use this when you name Land of Medicine Buddha as a beneficiary (in your will or for particular accounts), or for claiming deductions for charitable donations. Land of Medicine Buddha is a registered non-profit, religious organization, 501(c)(3).