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Our center depends on the generous support of people like you. Make secure donations through PayPal. Credit cards are accepted. Click on the Donate button below, or click here.

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The Stupa will be the central axis in a garden which will offer sites to sit and meditate, thousands of memorial stupas, a garden of flowers grown as offerings to the Buddha, places to perform prostrations, ponds with places for peaceful travelers to rest and reflect. See details.

Ksitigarbha Pureland Improvement Fund

Support improvements around the Ksitigarbha area at Land of Medicine Buddha. Click the button just below to make a donation specifically to this project. (Or click here.)

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Our Federal Tax ID Number is 77-0281122. You can use this when you name Land of Medicine Buddha as a beneficiary (in your will or for particular accounts), or for claiming deductions for charitable donations. Land of Medicine Buddha is a registered non-profit, religious organization, 501(c)(3).