Hiking Trails

Essential Information

As you prepare for your hike at LMB please reference the Day Visit page for details on our opening hours, getting to the land, and important parking information.

Additionally, here is essential information for hiking at LMB:

  • Our longer trails can be confusing if you are not a confident hiker – please prepare by downloading a map, bringing your hiking essentials, and never hiking after dark

  • We share the land with poison oak, ticks, mountain lions, and other wildlife

    • Please be aware of our co-habitants. If you have questions about any of these feel free to ask in our office.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash at all times. Please also pick up after your dog

  • Fires are not permitted at any time (nor are candles, incense, etc).

    • As a heavily forested area in California, this is self-explanatory. Please help us care for the land and prevent risk to our organization and all our surrounding neighbors
  • Mountain biking is not permitted on any trails at LMB

    • While bikes are not allowed on trails, we do encourage biking to the land to start your hike!
  • Please note that we are NOT an entrance to the Nisene Marks State Park trails

Trail Descriptions

Eight Verses Trail

Our signature Eight Verses Trail offers an opportunity to meditate on unique thought transformation (lojong) verses in a peaceful and restorative outdoor setting. The loop is approximately one mile, relatively flat, and takes around 30-40 minutes to walk. There are benches along the way at each of the eight verses for reflection.

Enchanted Forest

Just off of the Eight Verses Trail is the Enchanted Forest. This small glade in the middle of the redwoods has become a place of remembrance where visitors leave mementos of those who have passed away. It’s a beautiful place and we welcome you to come visit and leave a memento of your own.

Please remember we are in the woods and do not leave any candles, incense, or anything else which burns!

Two Mile Loop

Connecting to the Eight Verses Trail and the Mahabodhi Stupa is the Two Mile Loop. This trail gains ~400 ft in elevation either gently (going counter clockwise) or abruptly (going clockwise). It joins part of the Eight Verses Trail and also goes through the Enchanted Forest.

The path is easily marked and is a great hike for those wanting a medium length trail.

Six Mile Loop

Our Six Mile Loop is the most adventurous of the trails at LMB. One entrance to the trail is by Tara Redwood School and the other is behind Ksitigarbha Pure Land, where you can start the Eight Verses Trail.

Please note – this trail is currently not well marked and can be very overgrown at times. If you are a not a confident hiker this may not be the best trail for you as it can be confusing at times.