We are delighted to extend this most incredible opportunity for you to sponsor a large Kadampa Stupa to be placed on the first Mandala Wall at the 100,000 Stupa Project site.

“Creating holy objects is profoundly meritorious. The results are inconceivable!”

Sponsor a stupa, create a holy object, dedicate the merit to:

  • Yourself, a loved one, living or deceased, and/or your family/ancestors
  • All sentient beings’ liberation and enlightenment
  • For world peace and pacification of dangers of earth, water, fire and wind.

Sponsor a stupa dedicated to a deceased loved one or your ancestors

Sponsoring a stupa on behalf of, or dedicated to, our loved ones is a way to repay their kindness, memorializing their lives, and dedicate to their liberation and enlightenment. It also provides an opportunity to commit your intention to achieve an enlightened mind, create a site for pilgrimage, and make a lasting mark of your efforts at Land of Medicine Buddha.

How to Sponsor a Kadampa Stupa

Sponsor/dedication name&dates
  1. Click the PAY NOW button below to initiate the process by making your generous offering of US$2500.
    1. Please note: during the checkout process provide your full name as you would like it to appear on the plaque as the sponsor. Optionally, please provide the full name of the being that you would like to sponsor the stupa for and the year of their birth and death, if the being is deceased.
  2. If sponsoring for a deceased being – you may send an (optional) cup of ashes in a padded envelope to the following address to be included in the base of the stupa after the jangwa ceremony has been performed:
    1. Land of Medicine Buddha
      Attn: Kadampa Stupa Sponsorship
      5800 Prescott Road
      Soquel CA 95073

About the Kadampa Stupas to be Sponsored

In 2019 the first of three Mandala walls that surround our central stupa was completed. Following the advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche in August 2019, Kadampa Stupas (37” height, 11” base) were placed on the top of this wall.

Each stupa will have a metal plaque placed in front that will show the sponsor’s name and being(s) for whom the stupa is dedicated [if the being is deceased, the year of birth and year of death will be included] For those that wish, a small amount of the cremains of loved ones will be placed beneath the mantras at the stupa base. A consecration ritual will need to be performed before ashes are placed in the stupa, this Jangwa ceremony happens annually at LMB.

Your offering of $2,500 will provide the funds required to build, finish, and fill your stupa, contribute toward a portion of the Mandala wall on which it stands, as well as support the ongoing work to build the remaining two Mandala walls, and populate the ground with the rest of the 100,000 stupas that Lama Zopa Rinpoche advised be placed at this holy site.

Sponsoring a Kadampa Stupa to Benefit a Deceased Friend or Family Member:

You may wish to sponsor a stupa on behalf of a family member or friend who has passed away. Please bear in mind that you do not have to wait for someone to pass away to sponsor a Kadampa Stupa for them or yourself, it is possible to reserve a stupa in advance. We will place a plaque in front of a stupa, noting that the stupa is reserved with the requested name.

What is the Jangwa Ritual that must be performed prior to ashes going in the Stupa?

Each year a Medicine Buddha jang.wa is performed by a qualified master. It is a purification for both the living and the deceased. It can be done for both recently deceased or those who passed away some time ago.

When performed for the deceased, the ceremony purifies the negative karma and transfers their consciousness to a pure land. It can liberate beings from the lower realms and also benefit those who have died recently and are still in the intermediate state on their way to a lower rebirth, by changing their rebirth to the human realm or a pure land, so that they have a chance once again to meet the Dharma and meet a fully qualified virtuous friend.

Dedicating the positive energy created can liberate the deceased from the suffering lower realms, create the cause for them to receive a perfect human rebirth and quickly meet perfectly qualified spiritual teachers, and through these teachers, meet the unmistaken pure Dharma and thus quickly achieve full enlightenment. In this way, enormous benefit will accrue to those who have passed away as well as those who have had the vision and generosity to care for them in this way.

Contact Information

For more information about the Kadampa Stupas, sponsorship, or the project in general, please contact:

Denice Taylor Macy

Director of 100,000 Stupa Project
Email: [email protected]
Call/Text/Whatsapp: (831) 419-4894