Spiritual Programs

Dharma is a Sanskrit word which has many meanings. For us, it mainly means the teachings of the Buddha. We use it often to refer to holy things, Buddhist things, and to ourselves as Dharma students. Have a look at the wide range of classes that LMB offers.

  • Introductory, entry level – Discovering Buddhism
  • Intermediate/advanced levels – Basic Program
  • Everyday Dharma – occasional talks and study groups on life skills
  • General Classes – visiting teachers explaining classical Buddhist topics

Personal Retreat

Come relax – enjoy inner and outer peace – step out of the norm and experience a refreshing, peaceful and welcoming stay. Individual guests can reserve a room here through our online booking service.

Note: this is not for participants in group rentals. Your group organizer will take care of reserving rooms for you. 

Facility Rentals

We provide everything needed for groups to hold successful yoga, bodywork, and meditation retreats as well as spiritual retreats of all denominations. We have spacious meeting halls, 19 guest rooms, and a retreat cabin complete with hot tub, as well as seasonal yurts and camping. Our dining room serves wholesome and delicious vegetarian meals. We offer a team of massage-therapists, a relaxing sauna, and a full length pool (seasonal). Our charming reception office & gift store offers welcomes and helps guests throughout their stay.

We happily host multiple small groups, and/or large groups can rent the entire center. Booking out the entire center gives your guests more exclusive use of the center with a wider variety of choices for room accommodations, meal types and meal times.