Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Geshe Tenzin Zopa holds the honoured Geshe (Doctorate) degree from Sera Jey Monastic University, South India. He was born in the remote Himalayan region of Tsum valley in Nepal and was ordained at the age of 9 in Kopan Monastery by the late Great Mahasiddha Geshe Lama Konchog. He received novice ordination from H.E. Geshe Lundrup Sopa Rinpoche and full ordination from H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama. Geshela was under the direct tutelage of H.E. Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, H.E. Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup Rigsel, The Great Mahasiddha Geshe Lama Konchog and Eminent Gurus including those from the Sera Jey Monastic University H.E. 104th Ganden Tri Rinpoche Losang Tenzin, 70th Abbot of Sera Jey Monastic University H.E. Khensur Losang Tsering Rinpoche and the 76th Abbot of Sera Jey Monastic University H.E. Logoan Tulku Tenzin Jampa Choesang Rinpoche.

Geshela possesses vast scriptural knowledge, holds many rare transmissions and initiations lineages, has completed many retreats, extensive teaching experience and is skilled in rituals and astrology. Geshela has also undertaken many meaningful projects for many years.

He is the principal and focal point of the award winning documentary film titled ”Unmistaken Child” which chronicles the search for the reincarnation of his master Geshe Lama Konchog. Now he is taking responsibility of overseeing the overall wellbeing of H.E Tulku Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche, the reincarnation of late Great Mahasiddha Geshe Lama Konchog. He has frequently taken part as a speaker at many Buddhist, interfaith and peace dialogue conferences for many years. He has taught at Oxford University (UK) under “Visitorship for Traditional Scholars” in the Tibetan and Himalayan Studies program. Since 2000 he has been actively been teaching in FPMT centers as a visiting and resident teacher. Currently, he is serving as a touring teacher for the FPMT centers.

Events with Geshe Tenzin Zopa

The Ultimate Nature of Reality: A Retreat on Vajra Cutter Sutra
March 15 - 17, 2024

This Retreat will be available In-Person or Online via Zoom Embark on a transformative journey with Geshe Zopa during our weekend retreat, exploring the profound teachings of the Vajra Cutter Sutra. Led by the esteemed Tibetan Buddhist scholar, this event offers a unique opportunity to delve into ancient wisdom, cultivate…

Lama Chopa Puja
March 18, 2024

Monday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm Lama Chopa, also called Guru Puja, is a beautiful, profound practice where we make offerings to and request blessings and inspiration from the Three Jewels and the Spiritual Teacher (whether or not the teacher is physically present). Lama Chopa with Tsog Offering is an excellent practice…

Compassion in Action: The Practice of the Bodhisattva Path
March 21, 2024

Thursday, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm In-Person and Online Via Zoom   Join us for an enlightening evening talk with Geshe Zopa as we delve into the profound teachings of the Bodhisattva path, where the commitment to benefiting all sentient beings is at the core. Geshe Zopa will guide us…

Building Balanced Empathy
March 23, 2024

In-Person and Online via Zoom   This one-day workshop led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa aims to explore the root causes of emotional overwhelm and provide practical tools and strategies to build balanced empathy, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Geshe Zopa will introduce you to the following topics and provide…