Adding a Name to the General Prayer List

If you want to add the name of someone who died, please go to other form.

The Purpose of Making an Offering

Making an offering toward the puja creates a connection between the person being prayed for and the prayers being made. Customarily, when people request prayers, what they are really doing is sponsoring the prayers. Without the offering, there is not necessarily any connection between the puja and the people who need the prayers.

Other Places Where You Can Request Prayers

You also might like to request prayers or pujas at one of the big monasteries with which LMB is affilitated:

Alternative to Requesting Prayers by Someone Else

Doing the puja yourself is also an option. Best is if the person who needs the help – the healing, the good fortune, etc. – does the puja. Next best is if someone who is connected to that person – friend, family member, spiritual teacher – does the puja. Here is a link to a free copy of the puja that you can download.

Please click on the Donate Button just below the sign-up form to make your offering to the puja.

Click on the donate button here to make a donation for the puja:

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