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Five-Day Meditation Retreat

April 3 - 7, 2024

Take yourself on a 5-day Meditation Retreat in the Redwoods that will be remarkable and transformational, located at Land of Medicine Buddha. Reserve uninterrupted time for your self-care, self-nourishment, and self-love. Land of Medicine Buddha’s sacred energy, nestled in the majestic Redwood Forest, offers many beautiful experiences to contemplate and integrate the wisdom that will be inspired by our rich itinerary of activities. This retreat promises a joyful mind.

Each Day Includes: 3 yoga classes, 3 warm vegetarian meals, dharma talks, silence from sunrise to after lunch, breathing lessons, meditations, sound baths, hikes, sauna and pool access

Guests will receive a take-home manual to enhance their Yoga experience. This guide will make use of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra: 8 Limbs of Yoga, as well as the 4-Fold Process as inspired by the Mahayana Tradition, and the 4 R’s from the Gitananda Tradition, which will be discussed throughout the retreat. To learn more about your teachers, visit https://meganmccarver.my.canva.site/ and https://empoweredtherapeutics.org/. To register for the retreat: https://tri.ps/RJj7I

Scholarships offered. Please contact us to inquire about our need-based scholarships:[email protected]. Step up to support diversity, equanimity & equality by donating to our need-based scholarship fund, & help enrich our community.

Thank you, Megan and Katsina.