An Opportunity to Support Land Conservancy

With our numerous prayer flags, prayer wheels, and over 200 stupas, thangka and statues placed within buildings in and around 108 acres of the pristine redwood forest in Soquel, California, Land of Medicine Buddha offers visitors like you a unique interaction between nature, Tibetan culture and Mahayana Buddhism.

facilities-22Temple Campsite: In addition to all the miles of wonderful hiking trails and facilities the Land of Medicine Buddha currently offers its visitors, we are excited to announce that within a month the Medicine Buddha Temple Campsite and Shrine Campsite (handicap accessible) will be open for visitors and groups for rental.  There are 10 sites in total, 3 at the Shrine Campsite and 7 at the Medicine Buddha Temple Hike-In Campsite. Each of the campsites offers an option to sleep in a yurt or in their own tent, bath and shower facilities and rest on the sacred land that we steward. At these new sites you can walk from your own place of refuge at LMB to a variety of sites where you can meditate or attend a Dharma teaching, hike among redwoods, rest in the meadow, and participate alternate classes that are held in the Pine Room.

It takes “Green” to be “Green”: In 2008 Land of Medicine Buddha received its green certification, by operating the center in a sustainable way we affirm our commitment to conserve the precious land for the future. The annual expenditure for the upkeep of the land which includes numerous objects of worship, gardens, pathways, and labor for building maintenance costs in excess of $36,000. This amount does not include the hundreds of volunteer hours that are given each year to help with weeding, planting flowers and clearing paths.

The Land: Tibetans, like many of us, consider certain natural sites such as forests, mountains, and lakes to be sacred. Observing the sacred land tradition where devotion and stewardship of nature are intertwined, the Land of Medicine Buddha has established a Conservancy Fund to help pay for its care and development both today and for future generations. Some visitors such as hikers, who do not currently financially support LMB may find this way to make a tax deductible donation to LMB one that resonates with their spiritual path. We pride ourselves as being a center that embraces all who are on a spiritual path, Buddhist or not. For some, the peace of being at LMB is what renews, for some it is walking in the forest that awakens the good heart. We invite you to accept this opportunity and help lend a hand, we everyone who can to engage with us on our work of conserving the LMB jewel.

Offering: We are mindful of the severe circumstances of the economy but hope that you would agree that in both good and not so good times it is important to support those things that nurture yours as well as the Earth’s well-being.  So please consider making a monthly donation or a onetime donation to our Conservancy Fund. You can send us a check, or call our office (831) 462 8383 to give us your credit card details, or make an online donation using the donate button here.

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