Yamantaka Qualifying Retreat (las rung)

April 6 - 28

with Fire Puja and Commentary by Geshe Ngawang Dakpa

Open to anyone who has taken the Yamantaka great empowerment. This retreat will be led by Ven. Steve Carlier. Geshe Ngawang Dakpa will help us with the preliminary ritual to start the retreat and the concluding fire puja at the end. Geshela will also give one session of commentary each day during the first week of the retreat.

The length of the retreat is aimed at allowing one to complete the required mantra count to qualify for participating in a fire puja at the end of the retreat. Completing the retreat with fire puja qualifies one to engage in a self-entry practice, to purify faults and transgressions.

Dates and Retreat Schedule


(subject to change)

April 6 – check in by 4pm
April 6, 7pm:  First session of the retreat
April 7–13:  Two sessions of sadhana practice and two sessions of commentary by Geshe Ngawang Dakpa
April 14 – 26: Four sessions of sadhana practice.
April 27: Last session of the retreat followed by fire puja.

Check out April 27 after lunch; or April 28 at 11am.
April 28 morning: Self-entry of Yamantaka

Levels of Participation 

  • Yamantaka Commentary: April 7–13. Note the commitment: to undertake the qualifying retreat with fire puja in the future.
  • Yamantaka Commentary and retreat: April 6 – 13
  • Full retreat with Fire Puja: April 6 – 27; April 28: Self-Entry Practice


To register:

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Register early. Limited places available.

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Retreat Cost

Only shared accommodation available. We are offering two retreat prices with a reduced rate for those with financial difficulties. The full amount better enables us to cover the costs of hosting the retreat.

Full retreat with Self Entry Practice: April 6, (dinner included)–April 28 (lunch included)

  • Shared room: $1,670 / $2000
  • Double Room: $2,000 / $2330
  • Sangha: $450

Full retreat: April 6, (dinner included)–April 27 (lunch included)

  • Shared room: $1,610 / $1925
  • Double Room: $1925 / $2240
  • Sangha: $450

First week only: April 7 –13

  • Shared room: $655 / 750
  • Double Room: $760 / 885
  • Single Room: $1,075   / $1170


Create skies of merit and much benefit for those who are touched by your generosity by sponsoring all or part of the retreat! Your generous sponsorship will allow Land of Medicine Buddha to offer reduced rates to Sangha and other Dharma practitioners with limited resources. We will dedicate for all our sponsors throughout the retreat.

Sign up online  to be a sponsor  or click here to contact the Director to discuss alternate sponsorship opportunities. Cash and check donations may be sent via US Postal Service or hand delivered.

All donations are tax-deductible.

May all blessings ripen upon you and bring you great happiness and joy!


Retreat Leader

steve_LOP2014_300px-webVenerable Steve Carlier (Thubten Sherab) was born in the UK, and has been studying Buddhism since 1977. He first met Lama Yeshe, the founder of the FPMT, and Lama Zopa, its current head, in 1978. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk by Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1979 and received full ordination from Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche the following year. He studied for eleven years at Nalanda Monastery in France with the revered abbot emeritus of Sera Je Monastery, Khensur Jampa Tegchog, and also served as this great master’s interpreter. From 1993 to 2004 he followed the Nalanda (India) tradition of studies at Sera Je Monastery in India. He is currently teaching the Basic Program and other courses at Land of Medicine Buddha, as well as leading retreats.

Date(s): April 6 - 28
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: Geshe Ngawang Dakpa, Venerable Steve Carlier
Type of event:
Number of sessions: 3 weeks
Level: Advanced
Participation: Open to Initiates only
Location: Main Gompa
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Registration and Donations for Yamantaka Qualifying Retreat (las rung)

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