Thursdays, October 29-Nov 19

**These classes will take place online on Zoom**

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On four Thursdays,

October 29 through November 19,

at 10:30am via Zoom,

Jon Landaw

will offer the latest instalment

of his on-going series entitled
Training Your Mind, Changing Your Life.

In each of these four connected (but also stand-alone) sessions, the emphasis will be on exploring effective ways to expand the role that loving-kindness, compassion and other life-enhancing qualities can play in our everyday lives.

Just as athletes train themselves to push back current limits on their physical ability, spiritual practitioners train themselves in order to broaden the scope of their loving-kindness and compassion. A significant part of this training involves recognizing just what it is that currently prevents us from extending benevolent thoughts and wishes out to all beings equally. What is it that keeps us from reflecting such kind intentions in our outward behavior? Why is it, for example, that we find it so easy to direct loving thoughts to certain people in our life, but so difficult to extend similarly benevolent wishes to others?  How can we overcome such biased limitations, and why is it so important that we do so—not only for our own spiritual welfare, but for the benefit of the fragmented world in which we now find ourselves?

Everyone is welcome to join us as, together, we familiarize ourselves with the heart-opening practices found in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and echoed throughout the spiritual spectrum. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama often says, although the world’s many valid spiritual traditions may differ from one another in their underlying views and beliefs, they all come together on one point: the genuine purpose of all of them is to help us become better human beings.

More information about this series will be posted on the LMB website in the following weeks. And if you have any questions or comments, you are encouraged to email them to me at .

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About the Instructor

Jon Landaw, the author of Buddhism for Dummies, was born in New Jersey in 1944 and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1965. After spending three years in the Peace Corps in Iran, Jon worked as an English editor for the Translation Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India from 1972 to 1977, producing numerous texts under the guidance of Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey.

As a student of Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche since 1973, Jon has edited numerous works for Wisdom Publications, including Wisdom
Energy and Introduction to Tantra. He is also the author of Prince Siddhartha, a biography of Buddha for children, and Images of Enlightenment: Tibetan Art in Practice, published by Snow Lion in 1993. As an instructor of Buddhist meditation, he has taught in numerous Dharma centers throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. He currently lives with his wife in Capitola, California.

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Date(s): Thursdays, October 29-Nov 19
Times: 10:30 am - 12:15 pm
Instructor/Leader: Jon Landaw
Type of event:
Number of sessions: 4 classes
Level: Open to all levels- beginning students welcome
Participation: Ok to attend one, some, or all classes
Location: Online Via Zoom
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