Miles of Merit sponsorship

June 23, 2015 till Saturday, Aug 29, 2015

Mia’s Maha Trail-a-thon

to benefit the Mahabodhi Stupa at Land of Medicine Buddha
An Inspiring Offering from 11 year old Mia Blue Stafford

Eleven years old, Mia Blue Stafford, is inspired to help Land of Medicine Buddha complete the building of the Mahabodhi Stupa.

Realizing that she herself couldn’t contribute much in the way of a monetary donation, Mia decided to combine her love of running with her altruistic intention by completing 108 circumambulations (that’s 108 miles!) of the Eight Verses Pilgrimage Trail with the hope that “people around the world would offer auspicious amounts” toward the completion of the project.

Mia on Trail crop copy

Mia will run 7 miles, twice a week until the completion of 108 miles, starting on July 6, 2015, the auspicious date of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday.

Event: 108 Miles of Merit on the Eight Verses Pilgrimage Trail

Date for sponsorship: June 23 – July 23

Start Date for the Trail-a-thon:  July 6 at 7pm

With light offerings at the Stupa, a walking pilgrimage around the Eight Verses Trail and prayers for the Long Life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Would you please consider sponsoring Mia’s Maha Trail-a-thon at the following auspicious levels :

Flat donation: $1 to $21

Donation per mile:

  • $27 (for 25¢ per mile)
  • $54 (for 54¢ per mile)
  • $108 (for $1 per mile)
  • $216 (for $2 per mile)
  • $540 (for $5 per mile)
  • $1080 (for $10 per mile)

See options below.

1 mile of merit = 1 circumambulation around the Eight Verses Pilgrimage Trail.

DSC00688 - 8 verse trail copy

Ways of Sponsorship

By Checkpreferred method

  • Payable to Land of Medicine Buddha, for 108 Miles of Merit

By Cash

  • At our Reception Office

By Credit/Debit Card or Paypal

  • On our website:
  • At our Reception Office
  • Call us at 1 (831) 462 8383

For people in countries where Paypal is blocked for international transaction – please email for wiring instructions for Bank Transfers.

Date(s): June 23, 2015 till Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: resident sangha
Type of event: special event
Number of sessions: 108 miles of merit
Level: All levels
Participation: Everyone welcome to pariticipate by sponsoring.
Location: Main Gompa
iCal Link: iCal
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Registration and Donations for Miles of Merit sponsorship

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