RS: Buddhist Insights into Living and Dying

Apr 8-13, 2018

Program #8408

6 days

  • Buddhist Insights into Living, Aging and Dying,
  • Energy Massage,
  • Qigong & Self Acupressure.

Tibetan Buddhist Insights: Living & Dying

This popular program presents age-old secrets rooted in the wisdom of the Buddha. Proven meditation methods help train the mind to find peace and fill the heart with joy. Explore concepts on the true meaning of life, the nature of the mind, impermanence, karma and rebirth. Learn how to live and die consciously with understanding and without regret.

Energy Massage: Stimulation and Regeneration

Experience the health benefits of touch, including increased circulation, improved range of motion and movement, and nurturing of self and others. Learn practical massage and acupressure techniques for maximum well-being. Done seated with clothes on.

Energy Building and Flexibility Through Qi Gong

Discover the wellspring of “chi” that flows through your body. Activate and harmonize this life energy with gentle physical movements, mindful breathing and increased awareness. Strengthen your energy for a healthy body and happy mind.

Activity Notes

Short walking distances between accommodation, meeting rooms and dining room. Hilly terrain, uneven ground in places, some stairs or a steep hill & ramps to the dining room and meeting room.

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Date(s): Apr 8-13, 2018
Times: 4:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Instructor/Leader: Breige Walbridge and others
Type of event:
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: general
Participation: full-time, residential
Location: Various Venues at LMB
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