Oct 27 - Nov 1

Program #11813RJ

Breathe, balance, energize. We’ve take our popular program for women and decided to invite the men, too, in a restorative retreat in a redwood forest minutes from the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Enjoy expert-led illumination in sessions that renew spirit, enliven energy and bring inner peace. Learn how to move Qi, or vital energy, smoothly through your body. Upon returning home, you will know this is exactly what you needed.


  • Learn a variety of relaxation, healing and meditation methods — qigong, self-acupressure, energy massage, aromatherapy, visualizations — for flexibility, energy and healing.
  • Enjoy heart-healthy vegetarian cooking — tasty entrees, soups, fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy green salads and deserts — and learn life-changing nutritional expertise.
  • During quiet walks on the grounds and through redwoods on nearby trails, be energized by colorful flags and bells, shrines, positive sayings and prayer wheels.

Program Notes

You or someone you know may also be interested in “Rejuvenation Retreat for Women” (#6734).

Activity Notes

Minimal walking; varied terrain.

Register at: www.roadscholar.org

Date(s): Oct 27 - Nov 1
Times: 4:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Instructor/Leader: Breige Walbridge and others
Type of event: road scholar
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: Beginning
Participation: Full-time
Location: Various Venues at LMB
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