Retreat on the Path to Bliss

February 7 - 14, 2014

The Stages of Path to Enlightenment
– instructions with meditations

With Venerable Steve Carlier

We are delighted that Venerable Steve has agreed to lead us in a Lam Rim retreat in February 2014  with teachings and meditations on the Stage of the Path to Enlightenment. At the request of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche our Ven. Steve led the month-long lam-rim retreat, in Nepal at Kopan Monastery, November-December, 2013. Don’t miss this opportunity to be led by our wise and skillful resident teacher in this one week retreat.

This retreat is aimed at intermediate level students, and suitable for beginners who have a strong interest in the Path to Enlightenment teachings and meditation. The purpose is to get familiar with the different stages of the whole path and the meditations topics, along with the associated practices that enhances the achievement of experience and realizations, as advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Students should leave the retreat with good foundation on how to carry on a regular meditation practice on their own.

For students of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, this retreat is in line with Rinpoche’s advice on ‘achieving realizations”, particularly the recent advice to a group of volunteer students in Singapore. Rinpoche said:

“When study and realization come together Buddhism will really last. Wow, then like an ocean in the heart and the mind it will spread and be preserved.

“My suggestion would be to divide the twelve months of the year into lam-rim meditations and then meditate on each subject for one month or two weeks to finish the whole lam-rim in one year. That doesn’t mean achieving the realizations in one year because that would be incredibly fortunate, but to bring the mind closer to the lam-rim.”

Special Integration Experiences – DB14

Have you finished all of the Discovering Buddhism courses except for the last one? This retreat helps to fulfill the requirements for Discovering Buddhism module 14: Special Integration Experiences, specifically the two-week Lam-rim course. Read more about the requirements for Special Integration Experiences here.

Note about times:

  • The first session will be Friday evening, Feb. 7, probably at 7pm.
  • Check-in for residential participants begins at 4pm, although your rooms might be available before then.
  • The retreat finishes with lunch on Friday, Feb. 14.
  • The exact timetable for the sessions will be announced at the beginning of the retreat.


Date(s): February 7 - 14, 2014
Times: 7:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Instructor/Leader: Venerable Steve Carlier
Type of event: retreat
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: intermediate
Participation: open to all
Location: Other Location
iCal Link: iCal
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