Our Buddha Potential w. Pende

Tuesday, September 9


Pende_300x300The very qualified Dharma teacher Tubten Pende James Dougherty is kindly filling in for Venerable Steve for the first two classes of this course. (Venerable Steve Carlier is being called away to fill in for Yangsi Rinpoche at Maitripa College, while Yangsi Rinpoche fulfills responsibilities at Deer Park Buddhist Center in Wisconsin, due to the recent passing of Geshe Lhundub Sopa.) Pende is one of our frequent instructors at LMB; you can read more about him on our teacher page.

The root text for this course, Sublime Continuum (Uttaratantra) explains our potential for enlightenment by way of ten similes:

Just like a buddha in a decaying lotus, honey amidst bees, a grain in its husk, gold in filth, a treasure underground, a shoot and so on sprouting from a little fruit, a statue of the Victorious One in a tattered rag, a ruler of mankind in a destitute woman’s womb, and a precious image under a layer of clay, this buddha element abides within all sentient beings, obscured by the defilement of the adventitious poisons.

Buddha Nature: The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra with Commentary,
translated by Rosemarie Fuchs, Snow Lion.

This Fall, we will cover Part One of the topic of Buddha Potential, focusing on chapter one of Sublime Continuum. Part Two will be in the Spring of 2015. This is a weekly class, on Tuesday nights, 7pm for the months of September and October, 2014.

The regular course instructor, Venerable Steve Carlier, will be back to teach next week, through October 28.


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Date(s): Tuesday, September 9
Times: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
Instructor/Leader: Tubten Pende
Type of event: weekly class
Number of sessions: 9
Level: FPMT Basic Program; Intermediate/Advanced
Participation: Full-time preferred; Auditing allowed.
Location: Main Gompa
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