April 3 (making up for March 20)

This is the re-scheduled, final session with Emily, who was not able to be here on March 20.

Anger and irritation are a normal part of life for most of us, but they rob us of joy, damage our health and relationships, cause a lot of unnecessary stress and problems, and slow our progress along the spiritual path. We can change these through practicing and modifying our ways of thinking.

In this interactive workshop, we will work with practical tools which help us to catch irritation before it escalates into anger and create damage. In this way, we can reduce the intensity of the emotions. We will also learn to understand our anger and irritation better by identifying their underlying thoughts, expectations and desires in order to better deal with difficult situations.


Date(s): April 3 (making up for March 20)
Times: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Instructor/Leader: Emily Hsu
Type of event: weekly class
Number of sessions: 3 + 1
Level: suitable for all
Participation: open
Location: Main Gompa
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