Losar Pujas

Feb 9

9am – Lama Chopa with 1,000 Tsog Offering and Light Offerings. 16 Arhat Prayers, Praise and Request to Palden Lhamo

Losar, Feb 9, is the Tibetan New Year. it is also the anniversary of Lama Yeshe’s passing. We will be doing Lama Chopa, tsog offering and light offerings to commemorate that special day.

We will also be making 1,000 tsog offering for clearing obstacles to Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s good health and long life. (see Ven. Roger’s letter below).

This 1,000 Tsog practice is done in conjunction with the regular Lama Chopa Tsog. Then at LC Verse 67, there are two special verses that are recited 1,000 times. However, the number is collective, so if we have 20 people reciting, we will each recite 50 times to reach the goal of 1,000. We should be able to do that extra part in an hour. See the instructions here.

Palden Lhamo is also the special protector for the Tibetan people. It is traditional for all the monasteries in India and Tibet to perform this puja at the break of dawn at Losar. For LMB and the FPMT, this is particularly to clear obstacles for projects and the flourishing of the Dharma activities. We will be doing praise and request to Palden Lhamo and also the other protectors.

We will also be doing the abbreviated 16 Arhats Prayer to dedicate for Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s long life.

2157948Message from Ven Roger Kunsang, assistant to Lama Zopa Rinpoche and CEO of FPMT Inc:

Dear Friends,

Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche
This year seems especially important for all Rinpoche’s students to come together in some way to offer practice and prayers for Rinpoche’s long and healthy life. When I asked Khadro-la for her observation, Khadro-la answered with a deep concern and wish that all the students in all the centers, projects and services come together in some way and offer a long life puja to Rinpoche, as well as perform 100,000 tsog offerings.

Khadro-la went on to explain how very important it is for Rinpoche to be present in this world for a long time, teaching and benefiting sentient beings in many different ways. Khadro-la talked about Rinpoche’s many special qualities, impressing how fortunate we are to have Rinpoche with us, guiding us in so many ways.

Please everyone join the Long Life Puja, (to be held at Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Singapore on the March 13) participate in whatever way you can.

The first two weeks of the lunar new year mark the anniversary of Shakyamuni Buddha’s display of miracles. The merit of our Dharma practice is multiplied by one hundred million. Therefore, we have several special practices and retreat scheduled for this time period.

Namgyalma Retreat
Nyung Nay retreat

Date(s): Feb 9
Times: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Instructor/Leader: Venerable Samten, Venerable Steve Carlier
Type of event: special event
Number of sessions: 1
Level: All levels
Participation: All are welcome
Location: Main Gompa
iCal Link: iCal
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