Saturday, March 27th 2021 and monthly on 4th Saturdays (tbc)

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✨This series of class resumes on Saturday, March 27, 2021✨

(Class will take place monthly on the fourth Saturday of each month until the teaching series is completed. Further details on how many classes remain in the series will be shared by Rinpoche after this first class has taken place.)

InterpreterVenerable Steve Carlier

We’re delighted to announce that Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa will resume teaching Kadampa Geshe Chekawa’s classic and immensely profound text: The Seven Point Mind Training. This is a course that Rinpoche began teaching in 2016.

Some students will likely be reconnecting with these teachings after this series was interrupted. But if you are new to these teachings, you are really most welcome to join. Whatever you are able to hear on the topic of Mahayana Buddhist Mind Training (lo-jong) has the potential to sow great seeds in your mind stream. These teachings can operate on  many levels: they are directly applicable in daily life, and can also serve to enrich your spiritual understanding as you progress on the path to Enlightenment.

This is a special and rare chance to receive teachings on these profound Mind Training teachings from a high accomplished, kind and revered Master. We are exceedingly fortunate to have this precious opportunity.

Seven Point Mind Training

This short but pithy text is one of the most important and influential works of mind training composed in Tibet.  The series of slogans was first compiled by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1101–1175) according to the tradition of Atiśa Dīpaṃkara (982–1054). The seven points may be summarized as follows:

1) Teaching the preliminaries on which this Dharma depends
2) Training the mind in bodhicitta, the foundation
3) Converting unfortunate circumstances into a path enlightenment
4) Teaching a practice to be applied your whole life
5) The criteria of having trained the mind
6) The commitments of the mind-training practice
7) Advice for the mind-training practice


About Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa

gkrljAs one of the last generation of Tibetan Buddhist scholars to begin their educational careers in Tibet prior to the Chinese invasion, Gyumed [pronounced Gyoo-May] Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa has played an instrumental role in the reestablishment and preservation of Tibetan Buddhist traditions in exile, and in the spread of Tibetan Buddhism to the Western world. Highly regarded for his scholarship and depth of religious practice, Rinpoche teaches frequently in New York, Washington D.C., and at Do Ngak Kunphen Ling (DNKL), a Tibetan Buddhist center in Connecticut, where he hosted a visit from the Dalai Lama in 2012, and more recently in San Jose, CA.  He is abbot emeritus of Gyumed Tantric College, head of Mey College’s Thewo regional house at Sera Monastery—one of the largest Tibetan monasteries in exile—and Spiritual Director of DNKL.

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Date(s): Saturday, March 27th 2021 and monthly on 4th Saturdays (tbc)
Times: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Instructor/Leader: Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa, Ven. Steve Carlier
Type of event:
Number of sessions: Ongoing (details tbc)
Level: All
Participation: Drop in is ok, although committed attendance is helpful
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