Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga Retreat

January 20–25
Led by Ven. Steve Carlier

During a teaching at Maitripa College in Portland, in early 2022, Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche explained the meaning of “Kalachakra.”

“Kala” means time, because at no time does the primordial clear light mind ever change; it has always been pure, is pure, and will always be pure. Thus “kala” refers to the mind of an enlightened being.

“Chakra” means wheel. The empty form is utterly devoid of any matter, and arises only from supreme immutable great bliss. It is the natural expression of that great bliss, and refers to the whole circle of Kalachakra deities as well as their mandala residence.

In this way, the name “Kalachakra” explains the pure essence of each and every one of us as well as the worlds we inhabit.

A few years ago, we had the amazing good fortune of sitting in retreat on the Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga with Jhado Rinpoche. Here is his advice to us on the first evening together.

We are very fortunate to have received the initiation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Some of us have received it several times even, which never happened before. The purpose of the retreat is so we don’t just leave it at receiving initiation but we practice.

Kalachakra Retreat

The Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga practice will be used as the retreat sadhana. It is beautiful practice composed by the previous Ling Rinpoche at the behest of HH Dalai Lama. It enables us to keep all of our tantric vows and commitments, combined with a brief but complete deity practice of Kalachakra.

We will be accumulating 100,000 (plus 11% to make up for mistakes) mantras of the main deity, OṂ ĀḤ HŪṂ HO HAṂ KYA MALAWARAYA HŪṂ PHAṬ.


  • Must have received the Kalachakra initiation (wang) or permission (jenang)
  • Currently doing a daily practice of a Six-Session Guru Yoga


  • Full time retreat: January 20th–25th
  • Weekend only: January 20th–22nd

There will be four retreat sessions per day. Participants will set up their own seats at home with a strong internet connection.

  • Participants who register for the full retreat must attend all retreat sessions.
  • Participants who register for the weekend must attend all weekend sessions.


Please fill out this questionnaire before you register for the retreat.

No one will be turned away for the lack of funds! – We are able to offer partial scholarships. If the low income option doesn’t work for you, please contact . Thank you!

Registration will close on Jan 17, 2023.

Date(s): January 20–25
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: Ven. Steve Carlier
Type of event: Retreat
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Participation: Restricted - Must have received the Kalachakra initiation
Location: Online Via Zoom
iCal Link: iCal
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