5-8 June, 2014

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Jangtse Chöje Rinpoche returns to Land of Medicine Buddha in June 2014, to give 4 days of teaching on June 5-8, and then an initiation (jenang) on Monday, June 9.

All are Welcome

Our center depends on your support and the registration prices reflect the costs of the tour. But we don’t want anyone to miss this special opportunity to receive teachings from this highly qualified master. You are welcome to make any amount of donation according to your ability. If you are not able to give anything, we are still happy to see you at the teachings.

Teaching on Special Insight

June 5 – 8
2 sessions per day for the Special Insight teachings. Each session will last for 1-½ to 2 hours. 

Thursday and Friday: 4 pm & 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 am & 3 pm

About Special Insight

Special Insight (Skt. Vipashyana, Tib. Lhak-tong) is about getting rid of our wrong ideas about who we are and how things exist. The topic covers the notion of ‘self’ – what it is that we call ‘me’ or ‘I’ – and what it means to be a ‘thing’, i.e., all the things that make up our world. Understanding that oneself and the things in one’s world do not exist the way they appear is what sets us free from the cycle of suffering.

Regarding the need to hear and reflect on the scriptures, Je Tsongkhapa himself wrote:

It is an indispensable causal prerequisite of special insight to develop the view realizing suchness by means of the wisdoms of hearing and reflecting, having heard the stainless texts in dependence on experts who unmistakenly know the essential points of the scriptures. This is because if you lack the view that has resolved the meaning of the mode of being, it will be impossible for the realization of special insight that realizes things as they are to arise.

(from Middle Length Lam-Rim, translated by Philip Quarcoo, 2012)

What if the topic seems too difficult?

Teachings on the topic of Special Insight can be difficult to understand. Some people might feel like it’s too hard and so they don’t want to come to the classes. However, we all have to start somewhere. Listening to the teachings from a highly qualified lama is worthwhile. It’s worth it to sit through even the difficult teachings. Lama Zopa Rinpoche talked about this recently, at the Light of the Path retreat:

As for Buddhist subjects, even if you don’t understand, just listen. It takes time to understand so just listening leaves a positive imprint on the mind. Listen. Then some parts you can understand. Some parts you don’t understand, but it takes time. It can be a question at the moment but you think about it more and more and gradually you understand more and more. That happens.

Root Texts for Special Insight

Jangtse Chöje Rinpoche will be drawing from The Middle Length Lam-Rim (Lamrim Dring) by Tsongkhapa, and Stages of the Path which are the Instructions of Manjushri (Lamrim Jampal Shelung) by the 5th Dalai Lama.

Vajrapani-Hayagriva-Garuda Initiation on June 9

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About the Lama

Born in Tibet in 1934, Jangtse Chöje Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche was ordained as a monk at the age of seven. He entered Sera Jey monastery at seventeen and obtained his Geshe Lharampa degree in 1979. Following this, he entered Gyume Tantric University and two years later became Master of Discipline. In 1985 His Holiness the Dalai Lama appointed him abbot of Gyume Tantric Monastery, a position he held for 6 years. Since then he has taught extensively in India and the West. In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Jangtse Choje, which places him second in line for the position of Ganden throne holder (Ganden Tripa), who is the head of the Gelug tradition.

Other Teachings by Jangtse Chöje Rinpoche in the Area:


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Date(s): 5-8 June, 2014
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: Jangtse Choje Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche
Type of event: special event
Number of sessions: multiple sessions
Level: intermediate
Participation: All are welcome
Location: Main Gompa
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