Introduction to Chinese Medicine and Self-Healing Techniques

Nov 20

Have you ever wondered what Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about? Or maybe you’ve tried TCM and would like to find out more about how it really works and how to utilize aspects of it in your daily life?

Please join us on November 20th at 2:00pm for a seminar with Dr. Angela Wang on this age-old form of healing and its relevance to health in the 21st century. In addition to a general overview of the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wang will cover the specific practices of:

Dr. Angela Wang at Ksitigarbha Day 2016

Dr. Angela Wang at Ksitigarbha Day 2016

  • Scraping: a process of scraping the skin to remove mucus and wastes as a lymphatic detox
  • Cupping: a process of applying cups externally to clear pollution and drain channels
  • Warm Compress: a process of applying heat externally to open meridians and invigorate channels to harmonize and clear Qi and blood.

Dr. Wang will give us tips on how we can utilize these practices for self-healing and to assist our family and friends to achieve better health and vitality.

Dr. Angela Wang has been a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1983, receiving her US Ph.d in Oriental Medicine in 2003. She developed a successful line of Nutriceuticals to compliment Chinese herbs and has a private practice in San Jose, CA. She gave a highly informative and engaging demonstration of the practice of cupping at our annual Ksitigarbha Festival in September of this year. She is a long standing member and past director of Land of Medicine Buddha.

Date(s): Nov 20
Times: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Instructor/Leader: Dr. Angela Wang
Type of event:
Number of sessions: 1
Level: Suitable for all
Participation: Everyone welcome
Location: Gompa Chung Chung
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