Stablizing meditation followed by guided contemplation on various Dharma topics.

Location: Wish Fulfilling Temple, upper part of land, at end of paved road

Note: On October 6th, we will still be having a course going on with Dagri Rinpoche in the Main Gompa. Venerable Drimay will pop up to the WFT to lead the meditation.

Come on in and choose your cushion or chair. The meditation leader will give a brief explanation of how to adjust your mental and physical posture.

Quiet meditation includes settling the attention on the breath and then discovering the essential nature of mind/awareness.

After a quick break to stretch our legs and make any needed adjustments, we sit back down for another 15-20 minutes of contemplation on various Dharma topics – lessons taught by the Buddha and the centuries of later Buddhist masters.

Registration not necessary.

Navigable panorama of temple interior:

Temple. Land of Medicine Buddha in The World

Date(s): Sundays
Times: 9:30 am - 10:15 am
Instructor/Leader: Venerable Drimay
Type of event: meditation
Number of sessions: on-going
Level: general
Participation: drop-ins welcome
Location: Wish Fulfilling Temple
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