Foundation Service Seminar

January 23-28, beginning Friday evening

Land of Medicine Buddha will host three FPMT-North America (FPMTNA) regional events in January 2015

The Foundation Service Seminar explores how to best offer our skills and qualities in service. We investigate the purpose and mission of FPMT, what it means to be an FPMT center, and how that vision translates into action for centers, projects, and individuals.

We explore our relationship to resources – both material and human; communication skills and conflict resolution; teaching according to the level of the student; ways to maintain and develop our personal practice in the midst of service, and methods to prevent and cure burnout. We discuss service in terms of Guru devotion, karma, compassion, and emptiness, and how to draw strength, inspiration, wisdom, and guidance from these practices.

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Who can attend:

The Foundation Service Seminar is for FPMT center directors, study group coordinators, spiritual program coordinators, center staff, volunteers, FPMT teachers, and anyone interested in offering service to Lama Zopa Rinpoche and FPMT.


FPMT stands for Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition. Land of Medicine Buddha is an FPMT-affiliated center.

Schedule of FPMTNA events at LMB, January 2015

1) Foundation Service Seminar:

  • January 23rd – Introduction session 7-9 PM
  • January 24-28th (till dinner time) Foundation Service Seminar continues

2) FPMTNA Regional meeting: For key staff members of Centers and Projects

  •  January 29th and January 30th
    ** Note: there will be some overlap – People who wish to attend the Facilitator Training – “Training the Trainers” event will miss some sessions of the FPMTNA regional meeting. Attendees will need to decide which of the events they will attend.

3) Training the Trainers – Facilitator Training: note schedule change for this portion

  •  January 28th (after FSS) – Introduction and assignments 7-8:30
  •  January 29 – Preparation of assignments on your own
  •  January 30  – Presentations and Feedback, Conclusion (ending at dinner time);
    no sessions on Jan. 31. 

More Information:

Arrival Date:

The arrival date for trainings and meetings is January 23rd. Because of a previous booking at LMB there will be limited rooms available for people who would like to check in on January 22nd. We will make every effort to accommodate people who are traveling to attend the meeting.

Maps and Directions

Deposits for Seminar, Regional meeting and Training:

Please make a US$50 per person deposit for each event you plan to attend. With a motivation to make the meetings and trainings available to all – we are only collecting a deposit at this time. At the trainings we will provide an opportunity for attendees to contribute according to their means to support the direct costs of their rooms/meals/etc.

Registration Options:

  • Commuter
  • Residential (multiple occupancy)
  • + Waitlist for a single room (with an upcharge)
  • ++ Add a gift to help someone else attend

The registration form allows for a request to share a room with certain individuals.

Register online or FPMTNA REG FORM 2015 to mail in your registration.

Land of Medicine Buddhahas twenty rooms available during the winter months. Therefore at this time only double rooms and shared rooms will be available (until we get a better idea of how many people will be attending the events). For those who require a single room please book a room at a local hotel such as the Quality Inn in Capitola. As we get closer to the meeting we will release rooms for single bookings if possible.


At Land of Medicine Buddha, we prepare three vegetarian meals a day, many of them vegan. We try to accommodate our guests. You are welcome to enter comments about your food restrictions.


Please direct questions to Land of Medicine Buddha’s Director via email. (See contact info in sidebar.) She will either answer your questions personally or put you in contact with someone who will help you.

Date(s): January 23-28, beginning Friday evening
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: Drolkar McCallum, Venerable Drimay
Type of event: organizational
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: general
Participation: for those interested in offering service to Lama Zopa Rinpoche and FPMT
Location: Pine Room
iCal Link: iCal
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Registration and Donations for Foundation Service Seminar

Online registration is now closed for this event.