Anniversary of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha’s  First Turning of Wheel of Dharma

11. Turning the Wheel of Dharma

11. Turning the Wheel of Dharma

Chokhor Duchen commemorates the anniversary upon which Shakyamuni Buddha first began teaching the Dharma. For seven weeks after his enlightenment, the Buddha did not teach. After this period, Indra and Brahma offered a dharmachakra and a conch shell and requested Shakyamuni to teach. Accepting, Buddha Shakyamuni turned the Wheel of Dharma for the first time at Sarnath by teaching on the Four Noble Truths.  It is auspicious to perform meritorious activities on this specific day when the effects of any action multiply 100 million times. 

See more about merit multiplying days here.

We will be honoring this day according to the India time with the following program:

Aug 5, Friday
5pmSutra of Golden Light recitation

Aug 6, Saturday
5:30am Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts
9:30amExtensive Medicine Buddha Puja

You are welcome to join us in any part of the program

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Location: Main Gompa
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