*Canceled* Everyday Emptiness with Guy Newland, PhD

Wed, July 31 at 7pm


This teaching is cancelled, sorry for any inconvenience.

Everyday Emptiness: Practical Paths toward Peace

Join us for an engaging evening with Guy Newland, Ph.D., a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism and professor at Central Michigan University since 1988.

In Introduction to Emptiness, Guy Newland says:

Emptiness? We know that Buddhism teaches that the ultimate reality is emptiness, so it must be important. Perhaps we feel that the word hints at some sort of mystical nothingness. Understanding emptiness has always been something of a challenge, even when we have strong motivation.

In this one-night talk, Professor Newland will discuss:

  • What are some examples that allow us to get a deeper sense of what emptiness means?
  • How can we get closer to understanding things realistically without worrying about concepts of emptiness at all?
  • As distinct from what we might someday understand and realize, how much—and in what ways—can these Buddhist ideas actually help us in our lives right now?

In an interview with Shambhala Publications, Prof. Newland replied to this question:

Christine Cox: You’re known for being able to convey the complexities about what emptiness is—and isn’t—in fresh ways that most people can understand. Have you had students who hear about emptiness, get a taste of it, and freak out? As in Omigod, what happened to my world?

Guy Newland: I do hear stories about people who, when they hear about emptiness, their hair stands up and they begin to cry. They feel that they’ve come home. My students haven’t reacted that dramatically, but some get very excited because the ideas about emptiness express something that they somehow always knew about the world but didn’t have a way to say. That makes sense to me [laughs]. We’re full all the time with all the information we need to refute our wrong views. We walk around like a bundle of contradictions, in a certain sense. It’s not surprising that some people would say Oh yes, this finally helps me make sense of the confusion I’ve had about how things are.

About Dr. Guy Newland

Dr. Guy Newland has been a professor at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan since 1988. He has authored, translated, and edited a number of publications on Tibetan Buddhism. He was a student of Jeffrey Hopkins at the University of Virginia. See Guy Newland on Wikipedia.

Date(s): Wed, July 31 at 7pm
Times: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Instructor/Leader: Guy Newland
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Level: General
Participation: All are welcome
Location: Main Gompa
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