Monday, 6pm to 6:45pm
Join us for a rotating schedule of practices led by experienced Dharma practitioners. Chenrezig (3rd Monday of the month) All students, old and new, should practice Chenrezig, the Compassionate-Eye Looking One. Doing his recitation-meditation brings all happiness, temporary—the happiness of this and all future lives—and ultimate—the happiness of liberation and enlightenment—to the numberless sentient beings, yourself included. Reciting the Chenrezig mantra brings skies of benefit, especially if you do it with bodhicitta. The practice and realization of bodhicitta is the most important thing in life because it fulfils not only your own wishes for happiness but also those of all other sentient beings—each and every one. - From Lama Zopa Rinpoche's advice for Daily Practice
Each session includes some quiet stabilizing meditation and then a simple deity practice (sadhana) with basic prayers and mantra recitation. When we say "deity" we are referring to enlightened beings, i.e., buddhas. By doing these sadhanas, we activity the qualities of these enlightened beings within ourselves. Bring a mala (rosary) if you have one to help keep count of mantras. We have beautiful malas for sale at our bookstore. Practice leader will give instructions on this part of practice. Open to all.
Date(s): Monday, 6pm to 6:45pm
Times: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Instructor/Leader: various instructors
Type of event: meditation
Number of sessions: on-going
Level: general
Participation: open to all
Location: Main Gompa
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