What is Secret Mantra?

May 8 to June 5

Discovering Buddhism module 13, Intro to Tantra

If you do an internet search on the word tantra, you might find some workshops or books that teach you how to have better sex. Don’t worry; that’s NOT what this course is about. The Sanskrit word “tantra” means “continuum” and is cognate with the English word “thread”.

This course is about the part of the Mahayana path known variously as Secret Mantra, Vajrayana, or Tantra.

Compared to the sutra approach, the tantric path enables us to transcend our presently obscured condition and experience unencumbered enlightenment much more rapidly. In fact, a fully qualified tantric practitioner can achieve enlightenment within one short lifetime! That is why tantra is sometimes called the Lightning Vehicle.

Through the various methods contained in tantra, we train to visualize ourselves as if we were already fully enlightened. We learn to transcend our ordinary, limited self-identify and view ourselves as possessing the holy body, speech, and mind of a buddha. By doing so, we are able bring about our enlightened self-transformation much more rapidly than if we were following only the causal approach of sutra.

– Jon Landaw, Discovering Buddhism at Home transcript

In this course, you will learn about:

  • what an empowerment is and how to decide whether to take one
  • achieving the state of a buddha-deity by taking the result as the path
  • what a sadhana is, i.e., the “means of achievement”
  • what is a mantra retreat
  • what kinds of commitments and pre-requisites are involved with Secret-Mantra practice
  • how Secret-Mantra practice can change your worldview

Who can attend?

Suitable candidates for this course are people who have some background in our tradition of Buddhism either by having attended:

  • previous Discovering Buddhism courses, or
  • other general teachings on the lam-rim (stages of the path)


We are using the book Introduction to Tantra, by Jonathan Landaw, for sale to DB students for the special price of $14 including tax.


Each module of Discovering Buddhism includes an experiential element in the form of a Saturday practice day or a weekend retreat. Stay tuned for retreat details.

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Venerable DrimayAbout the Instructor

Venerable Drimay is the regular Discovering Buddhism teacher at LMB. She has been teaching Discovering BUDDHISM since its inception in 2002. See more about our instructors.


This module is best suited to those who have been attending previous module of Discovering Buddhism.

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Benefits of Membership

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Date(s): May 8 to June 5
Times: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
Instructor/Leader: Venerable Drimay
Type of event:
Number of sessions: 5
Level: Introductory
Participation: Best to attend consistently
Location: Main Gompa
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