Becoming Your Own Therapist

Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm- May 26 to June 30(no class June 23)

These days, people study and train to become psychologists. Buddha’s idea is that everyone should become their own psychologist. Each of us should know our own mind. This is definitely possible; every human being has the ability to understand his or her own mind. When you understand your mind, happiness, well-being and control follow naturally. – Lama Thubten Yeshe

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn techniques to still the mind
  • Explore a 2500-year time-tested psychology
  • Find lasting solutions, not “feel-good” band aids
  • Become familiar with your mind and how it produces problems
  • Participate in discussion (optional)

Topics covered will include anxiety, depression, regret, etc. Each Sunday is a new topic, so very suitable for dropping in. All are welcome.

Karuna Cayton is a psychotherapist (MFT31860), executive advisor and coach. He uses modern psychology and secular principles of Buddhist psychology in simple and everyday language. He has been a student of Buddhism for over forty years. Author of The Misleading Mind: How We Create Our Own Problems and How Buddhist Psychology Can Help Us Solve Them.

Note: Land of Medicine Buddha is hosting a 6 week book discussion group on Monday evenings with The Misleading Mind as the book starting Monday, June 3. For more info click here

Date(s): Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm- May 26 to June 30(no class June 23)
Times: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Instructor/Leader: Karuna Cayton
Type of event:
Number of sessions: 5
Level: general
Participation: drop-ins welcome
Location: Main Gompa
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