2016 Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering

Mon-Fri, Oct 17-21

This is the annual gathering of Western Buddhist monks and nuns.

Arrival and check-in begins Monday afternoon. The last session ends at 11am on Friday.

Write to the registrar at to see if you qualify to attend this event.

Note: Ven Drimay is the logistics contact for the hosting center, Land of Medicine Buddha. Contact her for questions about travel, accommodations, etc. See also the contact info for LMB’s main office.

Sponsor Food for Monastic Gathering

Offering food is a traditional way of supporting the monastic sangha (monks and nuns). Would you like to be a food sponsor? Total cost of food for the week will be about $2900. (This is less than what we would normally charge for meals.) The name of the sponsor will be written on the board at mealtime.

Choose your donation
Name of Sponsor

Clicking button will take you to PayPal for payment either through your PayPal account or by credit card. You are also welcome to submit donations by cash or check, (payable to Land of Medicine Buddha; noted for Monastic Gathering).


Date(s): Mon-Fri, Oct 17-21
Times: All Day
Instructor/Leader: various
Type of event: date
Number of sessions: multiple
Level: advanced
Participation: restricted
Location: Pine Room
iCal Link: iCal
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