100,000 Stupa Project

Rising from a verdant meadow with a Bodhi tree planted to the west, we are going to build a replica of the holy Mahabodhi temple. This place, where the Buddha attained enlightenment, will inspire all who see it to find refuge in the gentle path of peace and compassion. As you walk the path from our Great Prayer Wheel to the upper part of our land and you will encounter this venerable stupa, an icon of peace rising from an open meadow. Standing more than thirty feet tall, we will build a replica of the most holy Buddhist pilgrimage site in India. more…

Ksitigarbha Pureland Project

Memorial Stupa Project

A unique opportunity to benefit a deceased loved one is to place their ashes within a stupa. The ashes are first consecrated by the skillful meditation of a qualified lama in a jangwa ceremony which purifies any negativities and invoke the Buddha’s wisdom into the ashes. The consecrated ashes are then placed in the stupa together with rolls of blessed mantras and other precious substances.