Building the Foundation of Dharma Wonderland

maitreya-MSTIn the early 1950’s most of the buildings you see at Land of Medicine Buddha were built, at that time the property was known as Greenwood Lodge. In the mid 1980’s Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche began the work of transforming this site from a commercial resort, into a center for spiritual advancement.

By 1991 Lama Zopa Rinpoche had given the center the name Land of Medicine Buddha, and a new era was entered into. It has been almost 20 years since LMB was named, and since that time an immense amount of creativity, effort, devotion and generosity, has gone into creating the wonderland that you see today. Holy Objects are all around us.  Land of Medicine Buddha has three large prayer wheels, a Wish Fulfilling Temple, Stupas, a Chenrezig Sand Mandala, The Eight Medicine Buddhas, and a large collection of rare and beautiful thangkas. The buildings that house our guests and collections of holy objects are in need of care that has been long delayed because of financial constraints. We feel it is time for us to focus on repairing the infrastructure of our center which supports our ability to invite practitioners to retreat and attend teachings in this sacred place.

In early 2008 LMB made a great leap towards creating a more sustainable and harmonious center, when we finished the necessary education and work to become a green certified dharma center. And as part of our commitment to sustainability, and ensuring our center is accessible to all, we are in the process of performing long deferred repairs and upgrades to the center.

It is in that vein that we are creating this building fund. We are committed improving our green status by using green building methods and materials to repair roofs and decks, weatherize buildings, alternative energy option are being explored, and are we are seeking donors to support us in our effort to make all of our buildings barrier free.

We invite you to participate in this next phase of our development. We are looking for a few large donors and many more small contributors alike, to help make our plans to improve LMB a reality.

You have an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the dharma center by sponsoring the renovation of:

  •  Our two blocks of guest rooms,
  •  Our main meditation hall, (gompa)
  •  Our vegetarian kitchen
  •  Our library and dining area

Benefactors at the $50,000 level will be able select a name for one of our buildings, for example “Parker Hall” or “Lee Lodge” or the “Cayton Library & Dining Hall”, or other names that will suit your preferences.

Names of donors or foundations who contribute at the level of $1,000 within the next year will be placed on a plaque in our dining hall as founding members of this fund.

We would be happy to meet with you and provide more information, give you a tour of our facilities, explain our plans for development, and how you can be an integral part of this part of our development. Please send an email or give a call and I will be happy to arrange a time to continue the conversation.

Please join our effort, make your mark, and donate now, you may choose to make your tax deductible donation via our website by utilizing our “Donate Now” secure website, mail a check to our center to my attention and indicate in the memo area that you would like the funds dedicated to our building fun, donate securities, make a bank transfer or other methods. Please, call or email me, I look forward to speaking with you about our plans.

Thank you so very much, for helping Land of Medicine Buddha to flourish!

We would like to thank The Jammy Heal Foundation & Ikkyu Bryan Morse & Tara Dino Burkhardt for Becoming Founding Members of the Fund!

Kind Regards,
Denice Macy
Executive Director
Land of Medicine Buddha