We are grateful for YOU! Those of you who give — monetarily and energetically — year after year, to help us fulfill our mission as “a center for healing and developing a good heart”, deep bows to you! SEE DONATION OPTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST
Land of Medicine Buddha is not just a dot on the map, we are a community of Dharma practitioners. A family. Without YOU, Land of Medicine Buddha would not BE.
Those of you who are just becoming acquainted with Land of Medicine Buddha, we cordially invite you to become more deeply involved — drop in for a class, come for a hike, spin the prayer wheel, volunteer. Our hope is that you find a place that feeds you spiritually– a place to heal in a world that might feel a little out of control. Visit our Dharma programs calendar!
If you feel moved by our mission and goals, we invite you to join us in preserving and developing Land of Medicine Buddha by making a generous donation toward providing this spiritual home for our dharma family, our monastic community, and future generations. Without you, there is no way that we can do it!

Many Reasons to be Grateful:

Huge steps forward (and upward!) on the building of the beautiful Stupa…

During Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s recent (very brief) visit to California, Rinpoche visited the Stupa and was quite pleased with the progress. Rinpoche dedicated all the efforts thus far for all sentient beings. Thank you Rinpoche for your constant guidance and love!

In 2017, we will continue work on the outer decoration of the Stupa and the interior temple. As well as following Rinpoche’s advice to design a Japanese garden to surround the Stupa, including water features and flower gardens.


Other Blessings:

  • Five weeks of teachings with Geshe Ngawang Sangye, a serious mental workout!

Geshe Sangye at the airport.

  • Our wonderful resident teachers – Ven. Steve & Ven. Drimay – continuing to guide us through the study of the Discovering Buddhism and the Basic Program topics.
  • Daily water bowl offerings and Medicine Buddha Puja on behalf of the Center by our resident Sangha member, Ven. Samten, and dedicated for all those on our prayer list.
  • Hosting the 2016 Western Monastic Conference – it was incredibly inspiring to have LMB filled to the brim with monastics from various Buddhist lineages from around the country.

Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering 2016 at LMB

  • Just recently, the reconnection of many senior students with their precious teacher, HE Zong Rinpoche. So amazing to see the faces of those students fill with warmth and recognition as Rinpoche spoke!

And looking forward to 2017 and the planned return of several very special Lamas to LMB: Jhado Rinpoche, Dagri Rinpoche, and Geshe Ngawang Dakpa. Rejoice!

May your practice of generosity be the grounds for future happiness for you, your family, and all sentient beings.

In Dharma,

Denice Macy, Director & the LMB Team

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