Work Study

The work-study program is intended for people who desire access to the Spiritual Program at Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB) and to live in and contribute to a community setting. The work-study program is intended to ensure access to the teachings and to aid in the livelihood of the center during our busy seasons.

Most work-study positions are designed for three-month increments, with an initial two-week provisional period.

To apply for a work study position at Land of Medicine Buddha, please fill out our Work Study Application. Only applications that are filled out correctly will be considered.

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Helping in the kitchen.

Helping in the kitchen.

The Work

Work-study participants generally contribute their time to the following departments at the center:

  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Event set-up/breakdown
  • Grounds/Gardening
  • Maintenance
  • Altar care

Work-study participants contribute 25 hours per week, generally broken up into five 5-hour days.

The Study

In exchange, participants are offered free access to Spiritual Program classes and most retreats. (This does not include yoga, chi gong, facility rental retreats, or any other externally-commissioned classes.) LMB does charge work-study participants for some retreats, but they are few and far between. The vast majority are free for staff to attend.

Geshe Kelsang Wangmo teaching on the Heart Sutra, 2013.

Geshe Kelsang Wangmo teaching on the Heart Sutra, 2013.

Room and Board

Work-study participants are also offered room and board. Most housing consists of a single, private room in the staff quarters and a shared bathroom. Meals include breakfast and lunch every day; dinner is cooked when we have groups and/or events taking place. (Other times, dinner is do-it-yourself.)


1. What kind of community is Land of Medicine Buddha?

Land of Medicine Buddha is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center that is affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, or FPMT. We host our own Spiritual Program of calsses and retreats as well as renting out our facility to other organizations and groups. We host a lot of yoga and body movement groups, as well as other spiritual retreats for other spiritual traditions. Some staff members live at the center, but many live off-site and are just here during working hours and for classes.

2. Is LMB a restful or relaxing environment?

The demands of our community keep us very busy, and they require enthusiasm and hard work from our staff. During the busy season, we work very hard. However, LMB is an amazing place for learning about oneself, for practicing the Buddha’s teachings of non-violence and for developing one’s wisdom.

3. Can I stay for longer than three months in the work-study program?

People who are participating in the work-study program are welcome to apply for another session if they so desire. Occasionally, work-study participants have applied for and become full-time, paid staff, as those positions become available.

How to Apply

Apply online here.

Contact the Center Manager with any questions. The manager’s direct phone number is 831-476-1423.