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“A Dharma center which offers practices and education is an extremely important need. It is a very important tool to bring peace in the world, and peace in numberless sentient beings’ minds. Whatever you are able to contribute will benefit not only for peace of this world but for all sentient beings.” – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

We thank our current members from the depth of our hearts and invite you to join them in their act of wisdom and generosity! All members are included in the dedication at our daily Medicine Buddha Puja and are invited to our annual members’ only events.

What is a Member?

A member is a someone who wants to help ensure the future survival and flourishing of the Dharma center by pledging regular financial support. See categories below.

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Membership Benefits and Tax Deductions:

Below are listed some of the benefits offered with each category of membership. Of course, the main benefit that you get is a thriving Dharma center.

Members may choose to receive tangible benefits (such as discounts in our bookstore) or only non-tangible benefits (such as special seating and free drop in classes). When members only receive non-tangible benefits, the amount contributed towards members is fully tax deductible according to the limits of the law. Contributions to LMB are generally tax deductible.  We are classified as a registered non-profit religious organization. Please consult with your tax advisor to confirm your personal charitable contribution situation.  For your tax records, our Federal Tax ID, as a 501 c (3) corporation is: 77-028-1122.

To claim your contributions as tax deductions, you can choose to decline the tangible membership benefits in exchange for a full tax letter.

New Membership Categories:


Individual – $20/month or $200/year
Family – $30/month or $300/year

  • 10% discount at the Book/Gift Store
  • Members’ discount for retreats
  • Free onsite parking at Medicine Buddha Festival


Individual – $50/month or $500/year
Family – $60-$100/month or $600-$1000/year
All the benefits above plus:

  • 15% discount at the Book/Gift Store
  • Drop-in for our regularly scheduled classes and meditations
  • Reserved seating at special teaching events


Individual – $100/month or $1000/year
Family – $150/month or $1500/year
All the benefits above plus:

  • 20% discount at the Book/Gift Store
  • Use of pool/sauna/hot tub
  • Reserved parking for all special teaching/events


Individual or Family
$500/month or $5000 annual donation
All the benefits above plus:

  • 25% discount applies to:
  • Book/Gift Store
  • Guest accommodation
  • Meals
  • Advance notice emails from the Director inviting you to teachings, events and private dinners and outings with teachers and visiting lamas

Contact Us

If you would like to begin or upgrade your membership, or if we can help you in any way to understand the membership programs. Whatever type of membership or regular giving you choose to do, please know how much we appreciate your contribution!