Monday, 6pm to 6:45pm

Join us for a rotating schedule of practices led by experienced Dharma practitioners.

Practices include:

  • Vajrasattva (1st Monday of the month)

This Vajrasattva practice and other purification practices are the ultimate answer, so everything in the world—what you see, every situation—tells you to practice Vajrasattva. To purify and do Vajrasattva practice is the ultimate answer, to stop the cause to be reborn in the lower realms and the immediate [result] is to have a higher rebirth, to make preparation for death and then to meet the Dharma, to meet the virtuous friend who reveals the path to enlightenment. Then to achieve ultimate happiness, to be free from samsara and to achieve enlightenment for the numberless sentient beings and to free them from the oceans of samsaric sufferings and bring them to full enlightenment.”

From “Benefits of Vajrasattva Practice,” posted in “Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Online Advice Book”:

  • Green Tara (2nd Monday of the month)

Tara is a completely enlightened buddha who had previously promised to appear, after enlightenment, in the form of a female bodhisattva and goddess for the benefit of all beings. Her primary activity is to protect from the eight fears. Tara or simply Drol-ma in Tibetan, goddess of protection and compassion, is one of the widest worshiped deities in Tibet. Tara represents the miraculous activities of all buddhas. In myth she is born from Chenrezig’s tears of compassion. There are innumerable manifestations of Tara arising according to sentient beings’ needs, such as the dynamic Green Tara who quickly overcomes obstacles and saves beings in dangerous situations.

From Short Practice of Green Tara by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Thubten Yeshe

  • Chenrezig (3rd Monday of the month)

All students, old and new, should practice Chenrezig, the Compassionate-Eye Looking One. Doing his recitation-meditation brings all happiness, temporary—the happiness of this and all future lives—and ultimate—the happiness of liberation and enlightenment—to the numberless sentient beings, yourself included. Reciting the Chenrezig mantra brings skies of benefit, especially if you do it with bodhicitta.

The practice and realization of bodhicitta is the most important thing in life because it fulfils not only your own wishes for happiness but also those of all other sentient beings—each and every one.

From Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s advice for Daily Practice

  • Medicine Buddha (4th Monday of the month) Led by Venerable Yangchen
The seven Medicine Buddhas, attainers of bliss, strongly prayed for the temporal and ultimate happiness of yourself and all sentient beings. They vowed that their prayers would be actualized during these degenerate
times when the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are in decline . As the buddhas’ holy speech is irrevocable, you can wholly trust in their power to quickly grant blessings to help all sentient beings in these degenerate times. If you pray to Guru Medicine Buddha, you will quickly accomplish all that you wish. Just hearing the holy name of Guru Medicine Buddha and the sound of his mantra closes the door to rebirth in the suffering lower realms. It is written in the scriptures that you should not have a two-pointed
mind (doubt) with regard to these benefits.
  • Leader’s Choice of one of the 4 Practices (If there is 5th Monday of the month)


Each session includes some quiet stabilizing meditation and then a simple deity practice (sadhana) with basic prayers and mantra recitation.

When we say “deity” we are referring to enlightened beings, i.e., buddhas. By doing these sadhanas, we activity the qualities of these enlightened beings within ourselves.

Bring a mala (rosary) if you have one to help keep count of mantras. We have beautiful malas for sale at our bookstore. Practice leader will give instructions on this part of practice.

Open to all.



Date(s): Monday, 6pm to 6:45pm
Times: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Instructor/Leader: various instructors
Type of event: meditation
Number of sessions: on-going
Level: general
Participation: open to all
Location: Main Gompa
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