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We are grateful for YOU! Those of you who give — monetarily and energetically — year after year, to help us fulfill our mission as “a center for healing and developing a good heart”, deep bows to you! SEE DONATION OPTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST
Land of Medicine Buddha is not just a dot on the map, we are a community of Dharma practitioners. A family. Without YOU, Land of Medicine Buddha would not BE.
Those of you who are just becoming acquainted with Land of Medicine Buddha, we cordially invite you to become more deeply involved — drop in for a class, come for a hike, spin the prayer wheel, volunteer. Our hope is that you find a place that feeds you spiritually– a place to heal in a world that might feel a little out of control. Visit our Dharma programs calendar!
If you feel moved by our mission and goals, we invite you to join us in preserving and developing Land of Medicine Buddha by making a generous donation toward providing this spiritual home for our dharma family, our monastic community, and future generations. Without you, there is no way that we can do it!

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