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Groundskeeper Wanted (3/22/2017) - Land of Medicine Buddha is looking for an OUTSTANDING Grounds/Maintenance professional to start immediately! This is a full-time, non-residential position. The position includes a variety of assignments: Caring for the land, trails, and pathways with an eye for detail and beauty. The Land and gardens are offerings to the Buddhas and a pleasure for our guests, we are seeking someone who wishes to take ownership of this very important aspect of our Center. Garbage, recycling, and compost maintenance: an often undervalued, but highly necessary part of the running of a public facility. Routine maintenance and upkeep tasks for the entire retreat facility. Requirements for the position: Above all else, LMB exists to serve sentient beings both as a Dharma Center and a Retreat Facility, a positive attitude of service is a must. Ability to prioritize the workflow and work independently. A “can do” attitude that extends to other staff members, as well as our guests. [...]
Gratitude: 2016 Annual Appeal (12/11/2016) - We are grateful for YOU! Those of you who give — monetarily and energetically — year after year, to help us fulfill our mission as “a center for healing and developing a good heart”, deep bows to you! SEE DONATION OPTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST Land of Medicine Buddha is not just a dot on the map, we are a community of Dharma practitioners. A family. Without YOU, Land of Medicine Buddha would not BE. Those of you who are just becoming acquainted with Land of Medicine Buddha, we cordially invite you to become more deeply involved — drop in for a class, come for a hike, spin the prayer wheel, volunteer. Our hope is that you find a place that feeds you spiritually– a place to heal in a world that might feel a little out of control. Visit our Dharma programs calendar! If you feel moved [...]
The Root of Samsara (11/12/2016) - By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche (Archive #394, from Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche explained how delusion and karma bind us to samsara, at the 11th Kopan Course in November 1978. This teaching is an edited excerpt from Session 38, Section Seven of the course. Wherever we are born in any of the six realms—in the lowest, unimaginable suffering state of the narak realm, or in the highest, what’s called the point of samsara—all these realms are completely under the control of delusion and karma. There is not one single realm that is not formed by delusion and karma. This is the pervasive compounding suffering of our aggregates. These aggregates that are formed and bound by delusion and karma are called the cycle of samsara. As long as we carry the burden of the aggregates bound by delusion and karma, we will circle in these six [...]
Visiting Teacher from Sera Je Monastery – this Fall 2016 (10/5/2016) - We are delighted to announce that Geshe Ngawang Sangye (Geshe Sangye, for short), from Sera Je Monastery, will be visiting Land of Medicine Buddha again in October-November (2016), and teaching courses on key Buddhist topics such as the the bodhisattva’s path, Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings on emptiness, and more, starting Thursday, October 13. Geshe is a title indicating an advanced degree, something like a PhD, literally ‘virtuous friend’ (kalyana-mitra). San-gye is the Tibetan term for buddha, literally ‘purified-developed’. Sera Je is the major Tibetan Buddhist monastery that our organization is connected with. It used to be in Lhasa for hundreds of years, but was re-established in the South Indian state of Karnataka about 50 years ago, near Mysore. Geshe Sangye is a Lharampa Geshe and is currently one of the leading residental teachers at Sera. He is also the teacher of Ven. Steve Carlier and Ven. Samten and more recently, [...]
Late Summer Program News 2016 (8/3/2016) - The first weekend in August coincides this year with the anniversary of Shakyamuni Buddha’s first teaching, i.e., Turning of the Wheel of Dharma, at which he taught the Four Noble Truths at Deer Park, Sarnath, India. We will have several practice sessions on Friday evening and during the day on Saturday, Aug 5-6 (Chokor Duchen, the 4th day of the 6th lunar month). See schedule. Several of our resident sangha (monks and nuns) are attending the Light of the Path retreat in North Carolina, led by FPMT’s spiritual head, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, August 14-28. Venerable Steve’s class, Our Buddha Potential, will be on hold for a couple weeks, resuming Sep 12. See calendar. However, regular meditations (Sat am, Sun am, Mon pm) and pujas (Sunday afternoon Medicine Buddha puja, Aug 26 Lama Chopa Tsog) will continue to be held at Land of Medicine Buddha [...]
Summer Program News 2016 (5/10/2016) - Here are the highlights of our upcoming programs. NEW SERIES: Senior Dharma teacher and author, Jon Landaw will teach “Buddhism for Beginners”, Thursday evenings, June 2, 9, 16 (2016). FESTIVAL: Our annual Medicine Buddha Festival is Saturday, June 18. Park and ride the shuttle from Main Street School in Soquel. Revision: Onsite parking at 5800 Prescott Rd, Soquel CA 95073: $20 fee. Cars will not be allowed to arrive between 10am and 11:30am because of the procession and the shuttle buses needing to get back and forth during that time. MEDITATION: Meditators are still welcome on Saturday and Sunday mornings (9:30am). Even though we have the big gate at the entrance now, it is open for you at meditation times. You can get in between 9am and 10am to attend the Saturday Medicine Buddha Meditation (in the Gompa) and the Sunday Guided Contemplations (in the Wish-fulfilling Temple). [...]
Stupa Update April 2016 (4/25/2016) - Level 8 filled. On April 18, 2016, we filled Level 8 of the Mahabodhi-style stupa at Land of Medicine Buddha. Our regular stupa volunteers were joined by some of our Sunday-morning meditators to create a “bucket brigade” going from truck to ladder to ladder all the way to the top, handing items over head. Sangha members from Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s house in Aptos were a big help in actually placing the holy objects in careful order into the chamber. The items in Level 8 are similar to before: 1 set of the Kangyur (collection of Buddha’s teachings), many rolls of microfilm (of the Stainless Pinnacle mantra and the Four Dharmakaya Relic mantras), more boxes of tsa-tsas (plaster cast images of buddhas), and other printed materials. Having filled seven previous chambers, this one seemed like a breeze. Now, there is just one more level to fill to complete the central tower. [...]
Notice to Day Visitors (2/28/2016) - Planning to come to Land of Medicine Buddha to walk around? We recommend picking a weekday or a Sunday afternoon. BEGINNING APRIL 1st LAND OF MEDICINE BUDDHA WILL BE CLOSED TO DAY VISITORS AS FOLLOWS: EVERY SATURDAY – CLOSED ALL DAY EVERY SUNDAY – CLOSED UNTIL NOON We are sorry but we have decided to limit public access to our retreat center in order to maintain a peaceful environment. Lately with the number hikers, dog walkers and day visitors that have discovered the land this is not possible for us or our neighbors. During special retreats there may be other dates that the center closes to the public as well. Please pass the word to your friends. Maintain proper modest decorum. And ALL dogs must be kept on leash at all times. We recommend that you access the trails at Nisene Marks via the Aptos entrance. If you park on [...]
Spring Program News 2016: (2/16/2016) - Here are the highlights of our upcoming programs. NEW SERIES: Senior Dharma teacher, Pende will teach a four-part series on the Foundation of All Good Qualities. This is a good overview of the path to enlightenment, suitable as an introduction or as a review. Feb 29 to Mar 21. ART RETREATS: Andy Weber returns to lead 2 weekends on “The Medicine Buddha and His Mandala” – March 25-27 and April 1-3. DISCOVERING BUDDHISM continues with a new module in April and May: Introduction to Integration Experiences, the practices to be completed in DB14. This will be co-taught by senior monk Ven. Steve Carlier and our regular DB teacher Ven. Drimay. BUDDHISM IN-DEPTH: Venerable Steve resumes teaching the Basic Program: “Sublime Continuum” on March 29*, which will continue on Tuesday evenings throughout the Spring. MEDITATION: Sunday morning Guided Contemplations will move up to the Wish-fulfilling Temple on Easter, March 27. Other drop-in [...]
Operations Manager Job Announcement (12/30/2015) - UPDATE: POSITION FILLED (January 2016) Land of Medicine Buddha is a dynamic and beautiful retreat center set in the coastal mountains of Central California. We are located on 108 acres of gorgeous land. We host teachings and retreats year round. This job is an opportunity to be of great service to others and develop your own heart. The person in this position works in a busy environment that is similar to the one of a General Manager in a Hotel complex but with a heart of service. You will work in conjunction with our management team and the Center Director to assure that all of the needs of our guests/students/staff/facility/dharma program are met. As with any managerial job, at times it is necessary to jump in and just do what is needed! We need a person who enjoys being in the midst of things and offering from the heart. As [...]