Land of Medicine Buddha provides classes and space for group and personal retreats, as well as over 100 acres of forest land in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Find out more about us.

Dharma at Land of Medicine Buddha

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Stupa Project
We are building a replica of the Mahabodhi Stupa - the monument marking the site where Shakyamuni Buddha manifested enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, India. This is currently under construction on the upper part of the property at Land of Medicine Buddha. Find out about donating to the project and see updates about the progress of the construction. continue...
Ksitigarbha Mantra Count - Submit Your Numbers
We are continuing to recite the mantra until we reach 1.8 million. See totals on this page: Practices to Pacify Earthquakes: Totals Submit my numbers...
LMB-logo-2015-full-color-new-globe-sm-web 2015 Annual Appeal (12/12/2015) - Dear Friends: As the rain falls lightly on Land of Medicine Buddha we reflect and rejoice in a wonderfully successful year. We send our most heartfelt wishes that you and your loved ones have also enjoyed blessings this year. With supporters like you we were able to achieve every goal. SEE DONATION OPTIONS AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST. Projects: Today the main structure of our Stupa is close to completion. It has been joyful work. Volunteers passed holy objects hand to hand and filled the Stupa with incense, Tibetan texts, tsa tsa’s, mantras and much more.  One highlight of the year was from our inspiring young supporter Mia Stafford. Mia raised more than $12,000 alone for the Stupa project by running 108 times around our Eight Verses Pilgrimage Trail. We continue to keep our Facebook page and website updated with the latest photos and news on this project. [...]